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Metal Roof Installation Mistakes

May 17, 2022
Metal Roofing , Residential Roofs

Metal roofing brings a farmhouse style and adds curb appeal to your home. Metal roofs are timeless and also work in protecting your home from the elements. Screw down metal roof installation is popular because it is less expensive than seamless metal roof installation, but still offers great protection and increases the value of your home. The following steps are utilized during the installation of a screw down metal roof. 

  1. Measure the roof precisely to ensure that the metal panels are conducive to the width and length of the roof. 
  2. Install lath boards in 4 foot increments over existing shingles or synthetic felt to frame the roof prior to installation of the metal panels. 
  3. Install eave trim following installation of lath boards.
  4. Attach the metal panels utilizing screws with tabs that expand and high grade commercial tape (beetle/tacky tape) on the seams between metal panels to reduce risk of leaks on the new screw down metal roof.
  5. Install gable trim following metal panel installation.
  6. Install roof pipe jacks. 

Although many roofers claim to have experience with metal roofing, common metal roof installation mistakes include: 

  • Not marking the lath boards when screwing into the metal panels which misses the lath board creating an unnecessary hole in the panel. 
  • Not installing the proper eave and gable trim which is thick and the metal version of drip edge goes underneath where the eaves are on the panels like standard drip edge, but on the rakes it goes on top of the metal to prohibit water entry.
  • When installers walk on the ribs, which bend easily and can create a crease in the metal from weight. 
  • Too much overhang at the edge can make the metal look “flappy”. The standard is an inch or less.

These metal roof installation mistakes can make a metal roof less appealing to the eye as well as cause leaks in the metal roofing system.

What’s under the metal panels?

There are 2 methods to installing metal panels on a roof. The screw down metal roof can be installed over existing shingles, or over decking and synthetic felt when installed on a new roof installation. The most common method used in our area on a metal roof upgrade is to begin with framing the existing roof (shingles) with beams in order to create a space for the metal panels to adhere. Applying the metal panels over the existing shingles also creates an additional barrier for elements and dampens the sound from the metal.

What’s the difference between screw down and standing seam metal roof installation?

Following the framing the metal roofing crews install metal panels customized to fit your specific roof with self-tabbing screws on the screw down metal roof. These self-tabbing screws are made with insulation to prevent any gaping and leaks with open space.This is the difference between screw down metal roofing and seamless metal roofing (also known as standing seam metal roofing). In standing seam metal roof installation, the panels are created to fit seamlessly together, with no visible screws.

Why is a metal roof an upgrade?

Metal roofing is expensive initially, but can save money on homeowner’s insurance premiums and provide longevity and durability that outlasts other roofing systems. Shingles provide protection, but metal roofing is considered to be an investment which could save a homeowner money in the long run as well as boost the value of their home if metal roof installation is done properly and efficiently.

Your Experienced Metal Roofers in Shreveport/Bossier

At Priority Roofing LLC, our metal roofing crews are experienced in installing your standing seam or screw down metal roof. Our crews provide a professional and timeless look of metal roofing system with the most efficient and appealing roof for your home. Skip the metal roof installation mistakes and go with Priority Roofing LLC for all of your metal roof needs! Call us today or book an appointment online for a free estimate!

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