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How to Choose Roofers in Bossier City

May 5, 2022
Residential Roofs , Storm Damage

Searching for a qualified, trustworthy roofer can appear overwhelming to a homeowner or property owner affected by storm damage. Homeowners located in Bossier City, Louisiana come across this scenario often due to the increased wind and hail storms that come during the spring/summer seasons. These are key factors when searching for roofers in Bossier City:

  1. Check the Louisiana Board of Contractors for contractor’s licensing information, the Louisiana Secretary of State for business licensing information, and the Better Business Bureau for legitimacy of the business
  2. Check the roofer’s insurance documents to ensure that they have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance and it is current
  3. Ensure that your roofer offers a labor warranty on work completed
  4. Find a company with reputable reviews
  5. Use a local company if at all possible
  6. Ensure that your roofer maintains an open line of communication prior to the job, during the job, and following the job

Do your Research!

Proof of Licensure

It is important to ensure that your roofer has their license from the Louisiana Board of Contractors to know that they are a reputable, qualified roofing company. Licenses could include Home Improvement License or Commercial Roofing Licenses. For information regarding business licensing, the Louisiana Secretary of State provides the opportunity for a homeowner to search legitimate businesses registered with the state. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource to locate information regarding contractors. The Better Business Bureau provides information on licensing, complaints, and reviews for each business.

Proof of Insurance

The roofer should provide the homeowner with proof of insurance to protect the homeowner, employees, and the company. This should include proof of general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies which are current within the dates that they will be performing the work. Prior to the job beginning, it is extremely important to ensure that the insurance policy is not expired. 

Labor Warranty

Reputable roofers and contractors will provide a labor warranty for work completed by their company. Labor warranties are extremely important because if a leak or problem occurs that is not caused by a new storm, companies that have not offered a warranty will charge the homeowner to fix what was in the original scope of the roofing contract. 

Check the Reviews

Companies with no reviews or many negative reviews on marketing websites such as Google or Facebook could throw up a red flag for homeowners looking for a reputable company in their area. 

Use Local Roofers in Bossier City

Local companies are always preferred to provide quality roofing services who will be more inclined to warranty work completed. When a homeowner invests in a local company, they invest in the economy of their area. Contractors from other areas can come into local areas to find work, but leave following the storm to another area which makes it difficult to guarantee a warranty on the work they provide since they no longer serve the area. 

Communication is Key

It is extremely important for a roofing contractor to maintain an open line of communication with homeowners. Contractors are notorious for not responding or following up with clients during or after the construction process. This is a vital factor in choosing a contractor for your home.  The homeowner needs a roofer who will continue to connect following the work to guarantee that the work is warrantied.

Your Roofers in Bossier City

At Priority Roofing LLC, we are licensed and insured in the state of Louisiana and provide a 5-year labor warranty on all full roof replacements, and a 1-year labor warranty for all roof repair jobs. We pride ourselves on trustworthy workmanship and quality roofing services and are proud to serve Northwestern Louisiana. If you need local roof installation or repair services, please call us at 318.202.2123 or book an appointment online today!

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