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How Long Does it Take to Tear off and Reshingle a Roof?

May 27, 2022
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Tear off and reshingling a 3-tab or architectural roof generally takes 1-3 days. This time frame could vary depending on the size of your roof, the pitch, the experience of the roofing crews, and the existing layers of shingles.

How are roofs measured?

Roof measurements are taken in squares (SQ). Squares are 10 ft x 10 ft of the roof. It is easily confused with the square footage of the slab of the house.

The size of the roof does not depend on the size of the square footage of the home because each roof has pitch (how steep) and width that varies depending on the layout of the home. Amount of squares or actual size of the roof is key when answering the question “how long does it take to tear off and reshingle a roof?”. The roof is typically larger than the square footage of the slab due to pitch, hips, and valleys. This can often times be double the footage count of the actual square footage of the slab.

Your roofing estimate will include the total amount of squares of the surface of your roof as well as “waste”. Waste must be factored in because of starter shingle, valleys, and ridge. Starter shingles are installed around the entire perimeter of the house before the shingle patterns are laid. This comes in the form of either a shingle flipped upside down or standard cut starter shingle, which is a shingle with no slits in it at all and is used to be the starter row in order to prohibit water from running into the first row of shingle cuts or slits.

Our preferred method to install valleys is to “lace” as opposed to using valley metal. As a roofing company who does multiple small repairs, most leaks from valleys come from metal because of erosion and rust. Valley waste is similar to that of starter, because starter must be laid vertically before the valleys are laced, then they are interlaced with each other. Prior to this process, ice and water barrier is installed in the middle of the valley and runs roughly 6 inches to the left and right of the entire valley before the starter and the valley are installed. This is also applicable when metal valleys are installed.

The roofer will also observe if your home is 1 or 2 story; 2-story homes take longer to tear off and replace.

What if the roof has multiple layers?

Another factor when accounting for how long does it take to tear off and reshingle a roof is multiple layer tear off. Unexpected factors that could arise when tearing off the roof include double or triple layer tear off of existing shingles. This occurs when previous crews reshingled over the existing shingles rather than tearing them off and replacing them. This often occurs on older homes and could play into the length of time it takes for the roof to be replaced. With additional layers of shingles to tear off, the crew must work longer to take these separate layers of shingles off to completely replace the roof. Leaks can become more mysterious with 2 layers of shingles. 

Just tear those shingles off and give that roof a facelift! We strongly discourage placing shingles over existing shingles due to the future issues and leaks.

What is underneath the shingles and does that get replaced?

Underneath the shingles lies the felt (standard or synthetic) and decking (sheathing). The decking provides the barrier between your attic and your roof. These boards are placed over the frame of your roof. If decking is rotted, roofers replace the soft/rotted decking with new boards to diminish roof leaks which could occur when decking is rotted underneath the shingles. Felt is placed over the decking to create a watertight seal for the roof prior to the placement of shingles. Each layer creates a barrier of protection for your home. 

Standard code in Louisiana is to install drip edge, which is typically a 90 degree 2 ½ x 2 ½ edge flashing placed under the shingles and over the fascia to prevent fascia rot. This is placed around the perimeter.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

Types of asphalt shingles include 3-tab and architectural shingles. 3-tab shingles are a cost efficient roofing solution which provides 25-year protection (weather permitting) for your home. A 30-year architectural shingle is an upgrade to the basic 3-tab shingle, but provides additional protection and curb appeal to your home. Architectural shingles can withstand higher weather impact.

3-tab shingle

Architectural shingle

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