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Finding a Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

September 12, 2022
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A common occurrence for commercial property owners are roof leaks in the roofing systems due to age/deterioration, storm damage, or improper installation. A commercial roof repair contractor is a specialized field in the roofing industry that can identify problem areas and resolve leaks on these commercial properties. The plan of action of a commercial roof repair contractor depends on the type of roof (flat, metal, shingle) and the area/probable cause of the leak. 

Typically these leaks can originate from sources such as: 

  • Metal roofing systems on a low pitch roof
  • Improper installation of metal roofing systems on higher pitched roofs
  • Rotted decking under flat roofing systems
  • Improper installation of flat roofing systems
  • Aging or deteriorated shingles on roofing systems 
  • Punctures or storm damage due to high winds/trees(limbs)/hail damage and oxidation marks which deteriorate the surface of the roofing system

Roof Leaks in Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems on commercial buildings are notorious for leaks if placed on a low pitch roof (under a 3/12). Although metal is durable and an excellent roofing system for higher pitched roofs, it is never recommended to install metal roofing on a lower pitched roof due to the rain water that sits and has no escape due to the low pitch of the roof. 

Another issue that is common is improper installation of metal roofing systems on commercial buildings. Metal roofing system seams must be taped beneath to create a final barrier for rain water and the elements. If your metal roofing contractor is not experienced, they could make the dire mistake of not taping the seams underneath which could cause future leaks in the roofing system due to the insufficient barrier from rain water.

Roof Leaks in Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofing systems are extremely common on commercial buildings. The benefits of flat roofing systems on commercial buildings are: 

  • Increased durability on low pitch structures 
  • Flat roofs are designed for seams to interlock preventing water from getting in the seams if installed properly

One common occurrence of leaks on flat roofing structures are due to rotted decking (sheathing) beneath the flat roofing material. Rotted decking beneath creates a “soft spot” in the wood and causes water to eventually penetrate the surface of the roof. To resolve this issue our expert roofers in Shreveport/Bossier would locate the compromised area on the roof and replace it with new decking/flat roofing material and seal it to prevent any future roof leaks. 

If flat roofing systems are not properly installed, roof leaks can penetrate the surface of the roof in improperly installed and unsealed areas and create leaks that can cause damage to the interior of the building.

TPO Roofing Solutions are utilized to enter and cover the penetrated areas on the roof to create a leak-free surface. TPO is expensive but an excellent solution to create a leak-free surface on the flat roof.

Roof Leaks in Asphalt Shingle Roofing Systems

If a commercial building has leaks originating from the asphalt shingle roofing system, a commercial roof repair contractor will provide a thorough inspection of the hazardous areas on the roof to determine the cause of the damage. Aging or deteriorating asphalt shingles can cause leaks due to the inefficient barrier and deficient granules on the shingle itself. Storm damage on a roof can cause leaks for the same reason, storm damage ages the shingles more quickly by reducing the granules on the surface or creating missing shingles on the roof which decreases the protection that the roofing system provides. 

A commercial roof repair contractor will identify the source of damage on the asphalt shingle roof and create a plan of action that could include repairing the target areas in the roof.

Your Premiere Commercial Roof Repair Contractor in Shreveport/Bossier

Priority Roofing LLC is proud to serve the community of Shreveport/Bossier and surrounding areas with commercial and residential roof leak repairs and full roof replacements. Our expert roofers resolve roof leaks on properties daily and would love the opportunity to serve you with our 1-year labor warranty for all roof repairs! Call us today at 318.202.2123 or book an appointment online for a free consultation/estimate to resolve your roof leak.

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