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Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Process

April 4, 2023
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When storm season rolls upon us in Northwest Louisiana, the strong winds and hail cause damage to the roofs of homes in Shreveport/Bossier. If you have obtained roof storm damage from high winds and hail, it could make you question if your damage warrants a new roof replacement. During the roof replacement insurance claim process it is beneficial for the homeowner to contact an experienced roofer to assist with their insurance claim. The steps of filing an insurance claim to repair or replace a roof with storm damage can be broken down into 6 steps.

1. Have a Roofer Inspect the Roof for Storm Damage

If you suspect storm damage on your roof and are considering filing a roof replacement insurance claim, an experienced roofer can identify the damage and assess whether the storm roof damage can be repaired or if it warrants a full roof replacement on your home. The experienced roofer will determine the amount of wind damage and hail strikes and the severity of damage on the roof. If there is enough damage to warrant a roof replacement insurance claim, the roofer can help you find the date of loss for your insurance claim.

2. File a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

Following a thorough roof inspection from an experienced roofer, the roofer will be able to determine if the homeowner should file a roof replacement insurance claim with their home insurance provider. This can be done through the insured’s provider. 

3. The Insurance Adjuster Meeting

After your insurance claim has been filed with the homeowner’s insurance provider, the provider will send out an insurance adjuster to inspect the roof for damage and determine if the claim warrants a full roof replacement or can be repaired. The insurance adjuster will approve or deny the claim.

4. The Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Paperwork and Roofing Contract

If the claim was approved, the homeowner will receive paperwork determining the value and write up of items that were damaged and must be replaced. This paperwork provides the scope of work of the contractor and what the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover depending on the type of policy. The roofer can help the homeowner navigate the insurance paperwork and determine the cost of the roof to draft a contract. The homeowner will receive the first check from the insurance company.

5. The Roof Replacement Construction Process

After the contract is signed and down payments are made, the construction process will begin! Roof construction on the average size home could take 1-3 days to complete. It is important that the homeowner finds a contractor that is licensed and insured who provides a warranty on the work completed. A reputable contractor will always provide a warranty and come back to work that is leaking or having issues, where the homeowner will not have to come out of pocket for repairs if the roof leaks again after a replacement.

6. Following Roof Construction

After the construction on the roof has been completed, the roofer will send in the certificate of completion to the insurance provider. The insurance provider will then release the final check and supplements if approved per the insured’s specific policy. The final payments can be made and the homeowner can enjoy the protection of their new roof!

Call the Experts in the Roof Replacement Insurance Claim Process

If you are questioning if you have roof storm damage from a recent storm in Shreveport/Bossier, we offer free roof inspections to provide a report and give information on filing a roof replacement insurance claim with your provider. The team at Priority Roofing LLC has experience in roof replacements and roof repairs and will be able to provide pertinent information on whether your roof damage warrants a repair or replacement. Call us today at 318.202.2123 or book an appointment online

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