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September 23, 2022
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If you have ever searched the term “roof repair companies near me” you may be feeling overwhelmed with the lack of information regarding roof leak repairs found online. Roof leak identification and repairs are a specific trade learned by roofers which differentiate from a standard full roof replacement. 

Residential Roof Leaks originate from sources such as tree/limb damage, missing shingles, rotted wood on the roof (decking), lack of drip edge, improper installation of the shingles on certain areas, deteriorated or nonexistent chimney flashing, nailheads, improperly installed valleys, flat patio roofs that shingles are shingled over rather than the required flat roof material. 

Commercial Roof Leaks on flat roofing systems can originate from exposed seams or screws, penetrations not properly tied into (ex exposed base of AC units), holes/punctures, metal installed on low pitch roofs (under 3/12).

Roof Leaks on Residential Properties

When resolving a roof leak on a home, a professional roofer will survey the roof and identify red flags that could indicate a deficiency in a target area which could lead to the leak. The roofer will most likely need to identify the leak in the interior of the home to scale where the roof leak could potentially be originating from on the surface of the roof. 

Your roofer will inspect the roof for:

  • Areas that are not sealed properly
  • Areas that appear to be improperly installed 
  • Areas with storm damage
  • Areas that are improperly flashed
  • Areas with visible punctures/penetrations
  • Presence of hail damage on the roof 

Hail damage can compromise certain areas on the roof such as soft metals. Hail damage can also cause punctures or shifting of material to create a roof leak. 

Depending on the size of the hail or the severity of damage, isolated repairs may be the only thing necessary unless multiple leaks or large hail impacts occur. In this case the home would need to obtain a full roof replacement.

Roof Leaks on Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can have the same issues as residential roofs, but also many commercial properties are created with flat roofing material, which can vary from a typical residential shingle roof leak repair. A roof leak inspection for a commercial leak includes:

  • Areas that are not tied in on the roof
  • Areas with punctures/penetrations
  • Lack of metal overlap which creates an exposed gap 
  • Visible storm damage
  • Exposed flashing on parapet walls 

The above red flags could create potential for leaks on target areas in the roof, which a roof leak repair would be justified rather than a full roof replacement. 

Roof Leak Repair Process

Following the identification of the leak source by thoroughly water testing the areas with these “red flags”, the roofer will create a plan of action to resolve the roof leak. This could include an interior inspection as well to determine the area of penetration on the roof. In some instances the roof leak repair could take multiple attempts, so when researching “roof repair companies near me” always have a roofer who will warranty the work for an increment of time and come back to fix the target area again if needed.

Roof Repair Companies Near Me in Shreveport/Bossier

At Priority Roofing LLC, our company of expert roofers are ready to identify and resolve roof leaks on your residential or commercial properties. Our team of professional roofers in Shreveport are here for all of your roofing needs including free roof inspections, free roof repair estimates, free roof replacement estimates, roof maintenance, roof leak repairs, or  roof replacements. If you are searching for “roof repair companies near me”, our roofers in Shreveport are here to help you! Call our office today at 318.202.2123 or book an appointment online for a free roof inspection in Shreveport/Bossier and surrounding areas.

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