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Emergency Roof Repair

March 16, 2022
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It is Spring and storm season is officially upon us in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana and surrounding areas. In Northwestern Louisiana, homeowners cringe at the thought of hail, wind, and heavy rains due to the damage it can cause to their home. Do you have an emergency plan in place to ensure your home is protected from excessive storm damage?  Emergency roof repair is one topic that homeowners find themselves searching for when a storm hits their area. What is emergency roof repair and why is it so important?

Emergency roof repair consists of tarping or resolving leaks on a home to prevent further interior damage.

What is Tarping and How Can it Help?

Tarping is a temporary solution to prevent rain from entering the interior of your home and creating water damage. Roof leaks are notorious for emerging in the worst times possible, including in the middle of a heavy rain. Having a roofing professional tarp the problem area on your roof can assist in reducing the water damage to the interior of your home, until the roof leak can be permanently corrected.

Repairing Roof Leaks

Experienced roofers can repair roof leaks on your home due to storm damage. These roofers are highly trained to find the source of the leak and resolve it.

Common sources of leaks include:

  • Rotted decking/sheathing
  • Chimney flashing that is detached
  • Hail strikes
  • Shingle granule deterioration
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Nail pops (exposed nail heads)
  • Tree branch punctures
  • Deteriorated valley metal
  • Unsealed skylights
  • Seams or screws that have become unfastened or improperly installed on metal roofs
  • Lack of drip edge on the roof
  • Metal or shingles installed on a roof pitch 3/12 or lower rather than recommended flat roofing material

The above sources of leaks can be found on roofs that are aging or deteriorated, roofs with storm damage, or roofs that are improperly installed.

roof damage repairs

It is important to have a licensed and insured roofing contractor with knowledge of roofing structure perform a thorough inspection to locate the source of the roof leak. An experienced roofer can identify the problem areas which could include soft spots on the roof where water can penetrate, openings located on the roof or in roof accessories, or gaps between accessories on the roof and the shingles.

How to Spot a Roof Leak

Some red flags that indicate a possible roof leak are:

  • Discolored/wet spots located on the ceiling inside your home (especially if they occur during rainfall)
  • Pooling on drywall or on your floors during rainfall
  • Water dripping into light fixtures

A heavy rain can exacerbate these issues and cause excessive damage to your home’s interior. During spring and summer months, homeowners should be aware of heavy rains, wind gusts, or hail and contact their preferred roofer to inspect the damage that is caused on their roofs. The roofer will provide information and discuss findings with the homeowner to help them discern if they should file a claim with their insurance provider. The roofer will meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss findings and see if the homeowner’s claim is approved. Not all roofs will warrant a full roof replacement, but instead can be fixed with a roof repair. It is also recommended to ask your roofer to inspect your roof prior to filing a claim, because with an emergency roof repair, sometimes the cost is less than what the homeowner would pay on their deductible for the insurance claim.

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At Priority Roofing LLC, we can perform an emergency roof repair on minimal to extensive roof leaks. Our roofing contractors in Shreveport/Bossier are highly trained to identify the source of roof leaks and roof damage. We offer free roof inspections and estimates to repair your roof from storm damage. Call us at 318.202.2123 or schedule an appointment online  for a free roof inspection.

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