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Metal Roof Installation Near Me

March 10, 2022
Metal Roofing , Residential Roofs

If you ever find yourself searching “metal roof installation near me,” you must be considering the pros and cons of installing or upgrading a metal roof on your home. Your home is an investment and in 2022 metal roofs are a feature you see on all of the new construction and updated homes. While you are searching the term “metal roof installation near me” you are probably seeing the price of a metal roof in comparison to a 3-tab or architectural shingle roof. Metal roof cons are being more expensive, but with the price of a metal roof comes the pros.

Pros of Metal Roofs:

  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Increases the Value of Your Home

Types of Metal Roofing:

Standing Seam: Also known as seamless metal roofing, standing seam metal  roofing delivers an extremely sleek look. With no visible screws, all panels are mechanically fastened to each other.

Screw Down Metal: Screw down metal roofs are less expensive as panels are attached using screws.


metal roofing near me

Metal roofs are timeless and the quality of a metal roof installation from an experienced metal roofer is the key to no roof leaks. Metal roofers use techniques to reduce roof leaks and ensure your home is properly protected. These metal roof installation techniques include:

  • Lath boards installed over shingles in 4 foot increments, which will level out the metal panels when screwed over the existing shingles.
  • From scratch installation which includes the removal of your existing shingles in order to cover your decking with synthetic felt.

Your metal roofing crews will use a high grade commercial tape for all of your seams. On a screw down metal roof, they will instead use self-tabbing screws with insulation surrounding the metal to seal any penetration. In some instances, a metal roofing upgrade will be an ice and water shield, which is almost equivalent to a triple layer felt, to prevent any future leaks and ensure your home is protected.

Each of these factors determines the style and lifespan of a metal roof.

Storm Damage on a Metal Roof

If you upgrade your roof from a shingle roof to a metal roof upgrade, the insurance company is liable to pay for damages to your upgraded metal roof if you have storm related roof damage. In Shreveport/Bossier, LA, hail storms damage roofs frequently, and homeowners with an existing metal roof will be covered by their insurance policy from storm related roof damage. Some insurance providers offer homeowners discounts for homes with metal roofs. Another pro of metal roofing is that most metal roofing crews solely perform roofing jobs on metal roofs, which makes them expert craftsmen.

Don’t want to go full metal roof? Search “Hybrid Metal Roof Installation Near Me”!

Many homeowners are using a hybrid metal and shingle roof approach which gives you the look and protection of slopes from the metal roof, but can decrease the price of a full metal roof. This roof upgrades your home and gives you the expensive look of a designer home without the price tag.

Metal Roofing on Commercial Buildings

Many commercial buildings have a pitch of 3/12 or less, which by roofing standards, is labeled a flat roof. Commercial property owners would not want to install metal roofing on these low pitch roofs because the design of the metal roof is to be installed on a roof 4/12 or steeper. This is similar to the installation of shingle roofs. The reason behind this is in a heavy rain, water sits on a roof and can’t escape with the low roof pitch, which causes roof damage and roof leaks. The preferred approach for pitches 3/12 or lower, as seen in commercial roofing, is TPO or modified bitumen rolled roofing.

Looking for an Experienced Metal Roofer?

Please keep Priority Roofing LLC in mind with any metal roof installation in Shreveport/Bossier, LA and surrounding areas. We have experienced metal roofing crews and would love to help you upgrade to a seamless metal roof, screw down metal roof, or a hybrid metal and shingle roof. Our Louisiana roofing experts are trained to help you design your dream home. If you find yourself searching “metal roofing installation near me,” call us at 318.202.2123 to schedule an appointment today for a free inspection by our highly trained roofers in your area.

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