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What Roofers Look for after Shreveport LA Storm Damage

June 15, 2022
Residential Roofs , Storm Damage
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Many homeowners question whether or not to have a roofer inspect their home for Shreveport LA storm damage following a hail/wind/heavy rain storm. You should have a roofer inspect your roof if your roof is aging, leaking, deteriorating, or if a storm has recently occurred in your area. During a thorough inspection of your roof, the roofer will observe the following: 

  • Hail strikes
  • Lifted/Missing shingles
  • Punctures on the roof
  • Gaping around roof accessories
  • Soft spots on your roof
  • Damaged areas on the roof that could cause future leaks
  • Presence of drip edge around the perimeter of the roof 
  • Missing or dislodged screws on metal roofs 
  • Estimated life left in the current roof based upon expert opinion

Hail Strikes on the Roof

Hail frequently hits the Shreveport/Bossier City area when storms occur. Hail strikes depend on size and quantity of the hail during a storm. Roofs can be damaged by large hail, or numerous amounts of hail as well. If hail upwards of 1” in diameter hits your home, it may be time for a roofer to inspect to ensure the hail has not caused damage. Another indication of hail damage could be the length of time that hail has hit your home. The longer the hail takes place, the more likely it is that your roof has taken a beating. Roofers can identify hail strikes on the roof by observing the shingles for oxidation marks (spots where the granules have diminished). The roofer can also observe how large the oxidation marks are to estimate how large the hail was that hit the roof.

Lifted/Missing Shingles on the Roof

Lifted or missing shingles are usually caused by wind damage. Shreveport LA storm damage occurs during frequent tornadoes and high winds in the storm season. During a roof inspection, roofers will look at the shingles and if your shingles are lifted or missing, it is likely that the wind from the storm blew them up or off.

Punctures/Holes on the Roof

The roofer will observe if there are branches/trees or other objects that may have fallen/blown after Shreveport LA storm damage. These branches can cause less obvious punctures to the roof as opposed to trees that could fall on the home during tornadoes/wind storms.

Gaping around Roof Accessories

Oftentimes our roofers find the source of leaks to be turbine, turtle vents, ridge caps that have lifted or been damaged during a storm. This gaping causes water entry to the home through the damaged areas.

Soft Spots on the Roof

Soft spots are caused by rotting of the decking (sheathing) underneath the shingles and felt of the roof. This could be due to water entry from Shreveport LA storm damage or aging of the roof. Experienced roofers can identify where the decking may have rot and be able to repair or replace the decking underneath to give your roof a much needed facelift!

Other Sources of Damage to the Roof

Other sources of damage to the roof could include deterioration of shingles (where the granules on the asphalt shingles are diminishing) or debris falling/damage caused from the home by a tree overhang. The roofer can recommend replacing or repairing your roof depending on the source of the damage.

Why is drip edge important?

The presence of drip edge is important because it adds to the protection of the roof by creating a barrier between the roof and fascia boards to resist water entry into the home. Drip edge is code on all homes in Louisiana based upon code R9052.8 (International Residential Code, 2006). Your roofer can identify if there is the presence of drip edge on the perimeter of your home to allow another layer of protection from leaks. 

Missing or Dislodged Screws on Metal Roofs

Missing or dislodged screws on metal roofs can cause future leaks due to the holes created where the screw has been. These small holes can cause water entry. Self-tabbing screws should be used to create an insulated barrier between the screw and metal panel. 

Can my roofer tell me how long my roof could last?

Experienced roofers can provide you with an expert opinion of the “life” of the roof without unforeseen additional storm damage. This can provide homeowners with an idea of how long their roof should sustain protection for their home.

Who to Call with Shreveport LA Storm Damage

At Priority Roofing LLC, our team of roofers can provide you with all the information you need with a thorough roof inspection. Our roofers inspect roofs for Shreveport LA storm damage daily to ensure homes in the area are protected and work with homeowners to provide information on how to file a homeowner’s insurance claim with your provider. Our roofers in Shreveport/Bossier are ready to help you with any roofing needs. Call us at 318.202.2123 or book online to schedule an appointment with a local roofer.

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