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Should I Replace my Roof after Hail Damage?

April 12, 2022
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Large hail strikes can cause roof leaks, deterioration of the shingles, and wear on your roof. If large hail strikes your roof, you may need to replace it if the strikes cause significant damage. In Shreveport LA storm damage can cause significant wear and tear on the roof of a home. It may be time to replace your roof if you observe the following.

  1. Hail strikes from 1 ½ to 3 inches  on your roof in multiple locations
  2. Wear and tear of shingles, which could reveal fiberglass underneath
  3. Roof leaks in multiple locations on your roof
  4. An abundance of missing shingles

Contact a Roofing Contractor for a Free Roof Inspection

Storm damage can cause extensive destruction to new roofs, even if it has just recently been installed or replaced. Aging roofs can also have damage from storms which can be evaluated during a thorough roof inspection. If you observe damage to your roof following a significant storm, have a roofing contractor inspect your roof for damage. Roofing contractors can provide information about the following through a roof inspection. 

  • Quantity of hail strikes: Large amounts of hail can warrant a roof insurance claim with your provider
  • Size of hail strikes:1 ½ to 3 inch hail strikes can cause significant damage to your roof
  • Age of the shingles: An experienced roofer can identify the probable age of the roof based upon the granules on the shingles as well as damage seen to be collected over time
  • Longevity of the roof: A roofing contractor can provide information regarding the “lifespan” of your roof (how long they believe the roof will remain intact before you need to replace)
  • Areas of concern on your roof:  A roofer can identify an area that could be a concern for present or future leaks (rotted decking beneath the shingles, soft spots, missing flashing, gaping around roof accessories, missing shingles, loosened felt, missing drip edge).

Following a thorough roof inspection, the roofing contractor can gather all of the information for you to make a decision to wait on replacing your roof due to lifespan of the roof,  file a storm damage roof insurance claim, replace your roof through retail, or your roof may just need roof repairs limited to a specific location. The roofing contractor can also pull the most recent dates of severe weather conditions around your specific address to gain evidence of storm damage on the roof.

If your roof needs to be replaced, the roofer will measure the roof, document the type of shingle/metal and color that the homeowner would prefer, document measurements/shingle/color preference and price in a contract, and begin the construction process. To begin the construction process, the roofing crew will remove all shingles and replace rotted decking underneath the shingles to ensure no roof leaks, then use felt and ice and water shield before replacing the shingles to create a barrier for rain and add protection to your home. 

Who to Call with Shreveport LA Storm Damage

Priority Roofing LLC is a premier roofing contractor in Shreveport/Bossier. We assist homeowners by inspecting the storm damage on the roof, gathering information for a homeowner to decide on replacing the roof, working with insurance providers on the storm damage claim, replacing or repairing the damaged roof depending on the findings during our free roof inspection. We offer a 5-year labor warranty on full roof replacement services to ensure peace of mind for our homeowners. If the frequent severe weather threats have you questioning “Should I replace my roof after hail damage?”, give us a call today at 318.202.2123 to schedule a free roof inspection for our roofing contractors in Shreveport, LA to help you.

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